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  • Episode 61: Secrets of Holographic Blood with Adam and Josh Bigelsen

    May 29th, 2023  |  Season 4  |  59 mins 36 secs
    medicine, natural health, politics, spirituality

    If you have questions regarding your health…the answers are in the blood. The Bigelsen name looms large over the field of blood analysis, and well it should. Adam and Josh Bigelsen are the sons of Dr. Harvey Bigelsen who was a pioneer in the world of holistic medicine, and author of the groundbreaking books, 'Holographic Blood' and 'Doctors are More Harmful than Germs.' For many years Dr Bigelsen used the method of holographic blood analysis to guide patient treatment and healing. The results were breathtaking. His sons Adam and Josh now carry the torch and continue their father's work. It represents nothing less than a total health revolution. As Edgar Cayce predicted many years ago, an individual's total health can be assessed with just one drop of blood - that is now true. The Bigelsens are doing just that, and they allow the body's internal wisdom to inform and guide treatment pathways. The outcomes are, overall, FAR superior to allopathic medicine. Cancer outcomes are just one example. We discuss how this work came about and why holographic blood analysis is SO powerful.

    We also discuss: pleomorphism; the purpose of illness; the role of emotion in disease; why the body never attacks itself; common misunderstandings and misinterpretations of images in blood samples; people saying there are certain things in jabbed people's blood based on misinterpretation and non-recognition of the hologram phenomenon; why Lyme disease isn't what people think; the role of mould; the sliding scale of disease symptomology; what inflammation REALLY is; spirochetes; why their dad believed doctors were more harmful than "germs"; supplements; why the Bigelsens never see images of "viruses" in the blood and why they never treat for "viruses"; simple things you can do to support your health without products or pills.

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  • Episode 60: Confessions of a Blacklisted Naturopath with Amandha Vollmer

    May 6th, 2023  |  Season 4  |  48 mins 7 secs
    government, health, medicine, politics

    Amandha Vollmer is naturopathically trained (and blacklisted) holistic healer and educator who joins me to discuss a number of juicy topics, including the allopathic takeover of naturopathy and destruction of education. She explains how to came to leave naturopathy behind and expand her remit, designing her own remedies, learning from clients and how nature actually works. We learn how Amandha left university as a “radical vegan eco-terrorist,” and of her subsequent kundalini awakening in 2000 which changed her forever. Amandha also discusses how, why, and when she started to discern the problems with virology and why pathogenic viruses are nonsense. Additionally she delves into the concept of Socratic method and logic and how to dialogue constructively at a grassroots levels to help clarify the real medical and scientific issues so we can move beyond the System’s absurd programming. We also swap notes on the lack of clear-thinking ability in portions of the Truth Movement and her ideas for moving forward. Aspects include cognitive dissonance and betrayal. Bonus for Truthiversity subscribers: We also discuss why Arthur Firstenberg is wrong about chemtrails (warning: colourful language!) and other interesting things.

  • Episode 59: Inside the Elon Musk Agenda With Demi Pietchell

    April 22nd, 2023  |  Season 4  |  46 mins 15 secs
    freedom, medicine, politics, surveillance

    Author and researcher Demi Pietchell joins me to unpack the vortex of intrigue that is the world and mind of Elon Musk - including recent dramas involving Twitter and Substack. In her view, 'Musk is not trying to “free the public square.” He's potentially attempting to control it because there are other goals he has that would require him to have control over it in order to best proceed. Balancing this with “public opinion” is secondary.
    Capturing messenging properties is a mere fraction of the end goal, but it's the one that gets the most press because it's the one which overtly affects the most people in the present...He literally bought the public square and took it private. He can do whatever he wants with it. But it's really just a $44B tiny piece of the puzzle. What happens when we look at these plans in tandem? I’ll give you a hint: I suggest that you look at the many companies Elon Musk owns and see them not as separate startups and acquisions but as the interlocking pieces of one interconnected, overarching goal. My Master’s degree was in interactive telecommunications, so when I see the properties he has amassed, my mind sees an obvious trail of connected dots among them which creates a slippery slope that I couldn’t possibly ignore while standing in my integrity. For instance, if you’re seeing this clearly, you might have some understandable reservations about a future which may include a social credit based Twitter platform integration connected to Starlink constellations via Neuralink, which could hypothetically control your nervous system to render you immobile or trigger your self-driving car not to start or to drive itself over a cliff if your social credit score drops too low. This is one of many potential dystopian nightmare scenarios which honestly might be more dangerous than Facebook/Meta/F8, Instagram, Tiktok, and Google Lambda combined.'
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  • Episode 58: The Food Supply Crisis and How to Sur-thrive It

    April 10th, 2023  |  Season 4  |  51 mins 37 secs
    conspiracy, food, gardening, geopolitics, health, politics

    It's now common knowledge that the global food supply chain has been under attack and intentionally undermined in order for the globalists to create food shortages, poverty, and civil chaos to further their agenda. The full impact of the convid manipulations and the supply chain disruptions is yet to be fully felt, so it's not too late to start adapting to the "interesting" times we'll be living in over the next few years. To help you make those adaptations (if you haven't already), I'm honoured to welcome Marjory Wildcraft to the show as both a guest and our new show sponsor. Marjory is the female leader of the Survival and Preparedness movement. In 2009 she founded The Grow Network, which is a community of people focused on modern self-sufficient living, but has been growing her own food - and helping others do the same - for 20 years now. Marjory digs into which countries and cities have been hit by food shortages already, food riots and protests, the strange weather of late, the poisoning of Ohio, Agenda 2030, crop failures, Russia's and Ukraine's role in supplying the world's food, the Hunga-Tonga-Hunga-Ha'apai volcano eruption on 15 January 2022, the ozone hole, Snap payments in America, and of course, how to adapt to our uncertain times by growing massive amounts of your own food in a very small space, even if you have no experience. She also shares other strategies and tips for making it through this decade unscathed - don't miss it.