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Episode Archive

77 episodes of Truthiverse with Brendan D. Murphy since the first episode, which aired on April 8th, 2020.

  • Episode 40: Daughter of Auschwitz warns: Australia is becoming like Nazi Germany

    November 16th, 2021  |  Season 2  |  57 mins 50 secs
    covid, medicine, vaccination

    Nina Angelo is an Australian artist and storyteller whose sheer existence is the result of an incredible love story against all the odds. Her parents met serendipitously (if we can use that term) at Auschwitz during World War II. The fact that they even lived to meet is itself amazing because the Nazis killed the whole of their respective families, leaving only Nina's future parents. Having built a life in Australia as an artist over many years now, Nina - who knows the horrors of fascism only too well - is speaking out with a warning for the complacent masses of a dying Australia. Mandatory masks, vaccines, pervasive QR codes (tracking), covipasses, and the push for universal digital ID: the intentional installation of totalitarian control under the guise of "health and safety" measures against "covid-19" is only too clear to see for a (growing) minority of us. Perhaps an echo from the horrors of the second World War will break through the mass hypnosis before the Great Reset is complete?

  • Episode 39: Flying Free on Prison Planet Earth: The Emerging Travel Infrastructure for the Awake

    October 26th, 2021  |  Season 2  |  43 mins 13 secs
    conspiracy, covid, politics

    In this episode of Truthiverse, Brendan welcomes Susan Sweetin, founder of Freedom Travel Alliance.

    The right to travel freely without succumbing to medical extortion and sacrificing bodily autonomy is being aggressively challenged by the administrators of the New World Order. As humanity splits in two and chooses radically different paths (evolution and devolution) in the post-scamdemic world, the clamps of totalitarianism grip tighter and tighter on the collective psyche, seeking to extinguish all last remaining shreds of freedom and choice. First it was masks, then vaccine ultimatums just to cross borders or even leave one's own country (see: Australia). The pharmaceutical cartel has effectively taken over most of the world's political, travel, and other infrastructure.

    Fortunately, a countercurrent of constructive, creative rebellion grows stronger by the day. Enter Susan Sweetin and her brainchild Freedom Travel Alliance (FTA).

    Created in January 2021, FTA is a nascent organisation and movement seeking to create a whole travel industry that services the CONSCIOUS people who are now rendered as second class citizens and excluded from many things that we all once took for granted. First it's private charters for the un-jabbed, but the vision doesn't end with air travel for the medically unmolested—every form of transport that can plausibly be replicated solely for the use of the 21st century's medical pariahs is fair game, according to Susan and her team.

    Every uptick in tyranny forces a creative innovation from conscious humans, and FTA is a sterling example. Want a two-tier society? Well, there may just be some nice little benefits. ;-)

    Get ready for a whole new take on the "Mile High Club"!

  • Episode 38: Shocking Contents of Covid Jabs Exposed: The Horror Show Under the Microscope with Dr Robert O. Young

    October 1st, 2021  |  Season 2  |  1 hr 54 mins
    medicine, natural health, ph, viruses, water

    Dr Robert O. Young - one of medicine's most attacked practitioners - returns to Truthiverse with his bombshell investigations into the cooties-19 needles (covaxes). The results may surprise you. Robert is one of those fiery, battled-hardened rogues whose depth of knowledge - both clinical and theoretical - is feared by Big Pharma. If everyone knew what he does about health, illness, pH, "viruses", parasites, nutrition, and more, Big Harmya would simply be no more. Recently Robert has been analysing covax samples and finding that all is not as advertised. He appears to have replicated the findings of La Quinta Columna regarding the presence of gr@phene ox!de - and still more beyond that. What other nasties lurk in the C19 needle? Find out what the Covid Cult and its Branch Covidians don't want you to know...

  • Episode 37: Covax Shedding and Graphene Oxide: A Subtle Energy Perspective with Gerard Bini

    July 31st, 2021  |  Season 2  |  1 hr 22 mins
    conspiracy, medicine, pandemic, spirituality

    Gerard Bini is a building biologist with acute intuitive senses that have been honed over many years of practice. Having known him since 2014 I've been meaning to have him on the show for some time now, and finally he joins me to discuss graphene oxide and its impact on the human biofield. Graphene oxide has just landed on the research community's radar since it was identified as a key ingredient in the covid-19 jabs. It is an expanding multi-billion dollar global industry that investors are salivating over - but at what cost? Gerard's specialty is reading bio-energy and geoelectrical fields, working with his own harmoniser technology to neutralise toxic electromagnetic influences (including toxic human bioplasmic fields). His perspective clashes in some key ways with that of many in the industry whose technology doesn't address the CHARGE quality of the EM fields in question, nor the issue of human biofields. Gerard fills the holes left in the discussion. For starters, the human biofield is negatively charged, while graphene oxide carries a positive charge - along with our electronic devices which generate a harmful positive charge - but that's just the beginning of the story.

    Central to our discussion was what kind of effect graphene oxide has on the biofield, and how the "shedding" phenomenon actually works.
    I have been asked by people for my opinion on the role of spike proteins in the "shedding" phenomenon and what may be causing the many concerning symptoms in people who have NOT received the C19 jab, but who have merely been in contact with others who have. I leaned in the direction of a resonance explanation initially in accounting for the mystery illnesses, and Gerard's research confirms these suspicions - except with a focus on graphene oxide rather than the infamous "spike protein". He explains his observations of what the graphene oxide does to the human biofield and WHY, as well as how "shedding" works, and what can be done about it.

    Also covered in the show: the difference between the biofield of a corpse and someone who had the C19 jab; how concerned do we need to be about 5G; what 5G street lights do; geopathic stress, houses as resonant cavities; what the biofield "looks" like after someone has had the C19 needle; the general significance of toxic human biofields; death imprints, and much more.

  • Episode 36: What is IT? New Perspective on the Collective Unconscious, God, Angels & Demons with Nick Sambrook

    July 9th, 2021  |  Season 2  |  1 hr 45 mins
    conspiracy, media, metaphysics, religion, spirituality

    What do you do when you suddenly find yourself living out storylines written by authors such as Philip K. Dick - even down to your very name? Or when you discover that your own ideas are being picked up by the collective human unconscious and acted out in real life? How would you feel if you found yourself shoved into a real life "hero's journey" being orchestrated by the mind of a child? Nick Sambrook joins me to discuss his extensive research and experience with the bizarre behaviour of the human "hive mind" and unbelievable synchronicities that have intruded on his life over many years. His "post-Jungian" perspective unifies and simplifies many seemingly disparate phenomena, taking a refreshing new "meta-level" perspective that affords a higher level of clarity on our ever-evolving concepts such as god, UFO contact, angels and demons, ancient aliens, and visionary experiences. We break down the nature of the collective human unconscious, how it operates, how it manifests to different people at different times, and much more. If you're familiar with synchronicity, simultaneous invention, or other "paranormal" phenomena, you'll love this. Somewhere Jung is smiling and nodding.

  • Episode 35: The Fallen Goddess - Sol Luckman on Humanity, Gaia, Archons and the AI Agenda

    June 22nd, 2021  |  Season 2  |  1 hr 5 mins
    conspiracy, philosophy, religion

    In late 2019 before co(n)vid kicked off, author Sol Luckman received a powerful intuitive premonitory "download" regarding the p(l)andemic (and pseudo-vaccines) to come, which inspired his latest novel "Cali the Destroyer". His book singles out, in his words, the primary source of "evil" as we experience it, that being the Archontic demiurgic force operating as a mind parasite in the psyche of human beings. These entities are not physical, but "psychic" or energetic entities that inhabit vulnerable minds, stimulating self-destructive and sadistic thought, as well as pushing us in the direction of technological transhumanism which will ultimately leave only a simulacrum of humanity in its wake if it succeeds. We discuss the Archontic domination and depopulation agenda, the possible evolutionary leap humankind may soon make, as well as how Luckman's fast-paced novel came to be, and how it weaves the Gnostic myths and prophecies into it - and how they relate to our situation today.

  • Episode 34: Digital ID and The Great Reset Exposed

    May 28th, 2021  |  Season 2  |  1 hr 31 mins
    big tech, conspiracy, medicine, natural health, spirituality

    Alison McDowell is "just" a mum and blogger - who happens to be one of the world's most articulate and incisive analysts of the globalist agenda. Tapping into her deep research into powerful think tanks such as the World Economic Forum and monolithic Silicon Valley interests, Alison and I break down the long-planned Fourth Industrial Revolution - also known as the "Great Reset". She outlines the framework for total forced digitalisation of every facet of human life, medical tyranny, global poverty management run by Wall Street, Big Tech, and the Corporatocracy, and how covid-19 is merely the trigger for enacting a long-planned dystopian vision for the future where real humanity is but a memory - and we are surveilled and controlled within an inch of our lives. Alison's perspective is thoroughly researched and articulately elucidated. This is information and perspective that the human race needs if it wants to avoid self-destruction at the genocidal hands of Technocracy and take another path.

  • Episode 33: A Conscious Life in Zombie Land - Part 2 with Michael Tsarion

    May 21st, 2021  |  Season 2  |  1 hr 13 mins
    occult, psychology, tarot

    Michael Tsarion is a renowned Irish researcher, writer, and speaker on many esoteric and occult subjects, along with revisionist history, psychology, symbolism, mythology, and loads more. In this episode of Truthiverse podcast we continued parsing through Michael's fascinating and gruelling personal journey through life as a soldier of truth devoted to awareness-raising, from troubled Belfast to the Bay Area of California where he drove a taxi to make ends meet. We cover a lot of ground, including Leftist cancel culture, the feminisation of civilisation, to be in the world or not to be, why Michael hated the New Age movement for many years, how to be of service without destroying yourself, childbirth & parenting, personal sacrifices made in pursuing The Work over many years, Jim Keith's work on mass mind control, the madness of "pandemic 2020", and much more.

    After twice visiting the United States in the early eighties, Michael ventured out into the field to make a close study of Ireland’s numerous ancient cyclopean ruins and megalithic sites. This research proved invaluable and provided him with clear evidence of a “hidden hand” at work behind academia, religion and the socio-political world.

  • Episode 32: A Conscious Life in Zombie Land

    May 7th, 2021  |  Season 2  |  1 hr 17 mins
    esoteric, philosophy, psychology

    Michael Tsarion is a renowned Irish researcher, writer, and speaker on many esoteric subjects, along with revisionist history, psychology, and more. In this episode of Truthiverse podcast we dove into Michael's interesting personal journey through life as a soldier of truth devoted to awareness-raising, from Belfast to the Bay Area of California. He details his recovery from depression to the resistance and hostility he was met with from the many uncomprehending people he continued to encounter all along the way, as well as the key events that moved his life in the direction of becoming a public figure, and his warm reception by his colleagues in the alternative community. He shares his long-time affinity for psychology and thoughts on: modern academia, the plagiarism of Julian Jaynes' work, the resistance to intellectual freedom, the spirit of rebellion and concomitant intensification of evil, the feminisation of men, his de-platforming from social media, debating "NPCs", Trump, Ayn Rand, the toxic Left, censorship, how women and feminists have dropped the ball on female psychology - and how this fuels the rise of tyranny, Freud, "living in the word", and much more.

  • Episode 31: Mass Mind Control & Self-Sabotage... and How to Beat It

    April 18th, 2021  |  Season 2  |  1 hr 29 mins
    conspiracy, medicine, natural health, politics, religion

    Self-sabotage coach Jason Christoff is a straight-shooting truth-speaker well known to many fans of health freedom and conspiracy research. In this episode Jason walks us through globally employed techniques of mass-mind control and how they play out in plain site, as well as the negative effects they have on us. He details the reasons why so few people have really got their lives together, and why self-sabotage is so rampant - as well as what we can do about it. From the adverse physiological effects of caffeine and alcohol to the ancient child-sacrificing cult of Molech that still operates in broad daylight right under our noses, this episode is a feast of solution-oriented truth-speaking and hard-hitting conspiracy excavation. Instead of doom and gloom, Jason offers an educated perspective that still holds the potential for humanity to rise up over the forces of manipulation and self-sabotage that have kept us down for far too long. I enjoyed this one immensely and trust you will too!

  • Episode 30: Astonishing Near-Death Experiences: Previews of the Afterlife - Part 3 of Afterlife Series

    April 2nd, 2021  |  Season 2  |  39 mins 39 secs
    afterlife, brendan murphy, consciousness, grand illusion, metaphysics, religion

    Survival? Annihilation? Humans have wondered for millennia what happens to the conscious part of us when the physical body dies. Our materialistic "scientific" paradigm has failed us in this regard, and orthodox religious structures have lost much of their explanatory power in our technological age. Fortunately in the information age we have access to astonishing spiritual experiences from all around the world - near-death experiences that speak powerfully to the survival of consciousness. Some of them are so powerful they have to be avoided by minds not ready to grapple with them. Following on from looking at the out-of-body phenomenon, Episode 30 leads us deeper down the post-mortem rabbit hole and into some very reassuring - if eye-opening - territory. The afterlife may be much closer than we think.

  • Episode 29: Adventures in the Astral: Insight into the Out-of-Body Experience - Part 2 of the Afterlife Series

    March 26th, 2021  |  Season 2  |  34 mins 34 secs
    consciousness, metaphysics, religion, spirituality

    Is there a "spiritual body" as well as a physical body, as Paul wrote in his letter to the Corinthians? People in the pre-Christian world seemed to think so - the doctrine is ancient. What about the modern world? Can you travel astrally and project a "spiritual body" away from your physical, and if you did, might someone else be able to see it? What does the modern evidence tell us about astral projection, aka out-of-body experiences? Seeking answers to this question has yielded some truly astonishing material, as you're about to find out. Get ready for a fascinating ride in what occultists call the astral plane, a virtual world simulacrum of our familiar earth environment, known not only to occultists but also government-paid spies called "remote viewers" (aka the Psi Spies). Applying the standards of logic and evidence to "religious matters" can be a most enlightening experience!


    March 20th, 2021  |  Season 2  |  30 mins
    astral projection, obe, out of body

    Does your consciousness survive the death of the body? Can the deceased communicate with us? These are two age-old questions that still rightly concern us. In this episode we dive into some of the extraordinary evidence for post-mortem survival, both in the form of spontaneous after-death communication (ADC) and induced after-death communication (IADC). We look at some ancient historical instances of ADC and contemporary cases as well, sourced from everyday people, many of whom were astonished and awestruck by the events, their lives forever changed. In a therapeutic setting, induced ADC has proved to be a particularly powerful healing modality which appears to facilitate intentional communication with "dead people", thereby allowing the resolution of powerful psychological wounds that otherwise appeared untreatable.

  • Episode 27: Is Science Broken? The Failure of Peer Review (Especially in Medicine)

    March 6th, 2021  |  Season 2  |  30 mins 49 secs
    big pharma, conspiracy, health, medicine, science

    There is an awareness emerging that something has gone drastically wrong in the hallowed halls of the Temple of Science. What was once thought to be the noble pursuit of truth now turns out far too often to be the distortion of reality for financial gain. One of the culprits is the catastrophic failure of quality controls to vet and weed out junk science - particularly the toothless "peer review" process. Editors of the Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine are among the foremost voices criticising the toxic coopting of medical science by the pharmaceutical industry, and the devolution of journals into information laundering stages for Big Pharma. But this is merely the tip of a wretched iceberg indeed...

  • Episode 26: Gnostic Myth in Stranger Things: Symbolism of the Mind Flayer and Eleven

    February 25th, 2021  |  Season 2  |  18 mins 16 secs
    brendan d murphy, gnostic, gnosticism, metaphysics, mythology, podcast, religion, spirituality

    Netflix show Stranger Things has proved enormously resonant with viewers worldwide, but why so much so? Beloved characters like Eleven, Mike and Will (the “Wizard”) stand defiantly between an encroaching darkness dubbed the Mind Flayer and human civilisation as we know it. The malevolent dark being seeks global domination and destruction—total conquest and annihilation of humanity, but innocent little Eleven and her friends prove to be stubbornly pesky obstacles. What do Eleven and the Mind Flayer represent—is there an ancient Gnostic theme to be uncovered here in 1980s Hawkins’ secret war?