Caesar's Messiah: Rome's Greatest Crime?

Episode 63 · June 30th, 2023 · 59 mins 1 sec

About this Episode

Independent scholar and autodidact Joseph Atwill joins us for a compelling and shocking discussion of his research findings into KEY ideas, characters, and events in the Bible. Once a Christian believer himself, a young Atwill became a voracious reader and began a detailed inquiry into a realm of Biblical scholarship that featured a glaring - and almost unforgivable - blind spot. It seems that Atwill was the first person to actually notice it, and even today most scholars refuse to acknowledge it and grapple with the earth-shattering ramifications. He dubs it, "The most catastrophic failure of human intellect in history."

In discussing his groundbreaking book “Caesar's Messiah,” Atwill outlines a revolutionary discovery connecting: the events in Jesus' ministry as depicted in the Gospels and events recorded by the historian Josephus. From this revelation, Atwill unravels one of the best kept secrets of the past 2,000 years regarding the true origins and original intentions of Christianity. Strap in!