Cracking the Jesus Code: Unpalatable Truths About the New Testament With Ralph Ellis

Episode 67 · August 25th, 2023 · 1 hr 32 mins

About this Episode

Intrepid independent scholar Ralph Ellis joins Truthiverse again to continue his analysis of key Biblical characters and events, this time the most important one of all: the "Jesus" character. Ralph discusses his extensive research into Edessa and the ancient Edessan monarchy and King Izas Manu, likely the primary historical figure upon whom the Jesus character is based. Ralph is the leading expert on Edessa and its hugely important role in historical events that would ultimately be spun into the distorted Biblical tales. He also discusses major players such as Josephus Flavius, the wealthy Simon Bothus, and Mary Magdalene (aka Mary Bothus, the richest woman in the Near East) who married "Jesus of Gamla". Discover who the "fisher of men" really was - grown up pants mandatory.