Spilling the Secrets of the Sphinx: Solving One of History’s Greatest Mysteries with Rob Neyland

Episode 66 · August 16th, 2023 · 1 hr 16 mins

About this Episode

Champion competitive sculptor and ancient history researcher Rob Neyland (FreetheLioness.com) joins me to discuss his fascinating and ground-breaking research into the true nature and history of the famous Egyptian Sphinx. Rob is known for using his advanced skills as a sculptor to create a stunning miniature "re-carving" of the Sphinx with a very different head to the one we currently see. Listen in to the conversation and see some of the ways our Egyptology (and general history) books need to be re-written.

You'll Learn:

  • Why 1,000 years of the Sphinx’s history mysteriously went missing
  • What the Sphinx originally was
  • About the important Egyptian goddess Mehit
  • The significance of the oldest religious writings (the pyramid texts) in Egypt…
  • …and who the composer was
  • The subtle complaint encoded in the tomb of Unas
  • What Rob discovered by carving his own realistic miniature of the Sphinx
  • The KEY role of the moon (not the sun) in the ascent of the dying king’s spirit

...and MUCH, much more.

Note: there are a few sections where Rob shares slides and talks about them (see my BitChute channel), but you should be fine without them if you want to stick with audio.
This is a conversation not to miss.

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