Demonic Interference: A Professional Exorcist on Demons, AI, and Loosh with Alobar Jones

Episode 62 · June 21st, 2023 · 1 hr 33 secs

About this Episode

Alobar Jones has a diverse psychic toolkit and probably over 20,000 hours of meditation behind him, including many thousands of hours of astral travel. He's also a professional exorcist who uses a new paradigm for Successful Mental Health treatment. His approach to removing demons and other entities from someone - without relying on religious dogma - reduces the number and severity of aberrant thoughts of all kinds, leading to great success with treating addiction of all kinds, as well as major illnesses.

In his return to the show, we discuss:
What he saw and learned about demons by attending Alcoholics Anonymous; the demonic role in the trans agenda; The demon of artificial intelligence; How Alobar first encountered demons; The types of paranoid thinking demons like to foster; Who demons like to target and why; Astral travel with guerilla warfare teams; The demonic structure and hierarchy; The job of each demon; How much destructive human behaviour is prompted by demonic influence, in Alobar's estimate; How demons work together to produce their food; Types of demons and the emotions they are assigned to; How "loosh" is distributed through the demonic hierarchy; Hindu death rites; Al Gul, the god of alcohol; How Alobar works with clients; 11 different body symptoms demons like to target, and more.

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