Israel and Palestine: An Emergency Truth Broadcast with Joachim Hagopian

Episode 70 · October 16th, 2023 · 1 hr 18 mins

About this Episode

Journalist Joachim Hagopian returns to dissect the Israel-Hamas narrative that exploded in the media in recent days, starting October 7th, and see what we're NOT being told about it. We ask some fundamental questions such as, "How could Israel's defence forces have possibly been caught unaware of the Hamas incursion?", and "Who benefits?" Even Israel's media has begun to turn on Bibi Netanyahu, essentially blaming him for the Hamas attack. Joachim observes how the timing of such an event is actually perfect for Israel's PM, but pushes further into the territory where angels fear to tread by looking at the bigger picture, including who really runs Israel, what their goals are, the role of Ashkenazi Jews, the idea of the "Biblical homeland," and much more. Joachim also discusses whether the Hamas attack was set up and planned by Israeli government agents as contrasted against the claim Israel's government forces were "taken by surprise." Was the Hamas event another false flag? Join Joachim and Brendan to find out...

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