Rising Above the Herd: Conscious Personal Evolution with Joel and Yerasimos

Episode 69 · October 5th, 2023 · 1 hr 19 mins

About this Episode

Co-hosts of the popular 'Are You Here for the Truth' podcast Joel & Yerasimos join Brendan to talk conscious personal evolution and aligning with your authentic self in spite of the Crowd and all the conditioning and programming that leads us away from our individuality.
They discuss:

  • The hero's journey and individualism
  • Repression and armouring
  • Wholeness + somatic work in pursuit of self-knowledge
  • Human design in the context of PD
  • Where are truthers going wrong?
  • Who are we as individuals?
  • Freedom from unconscious programs holding you back from your true potential
  • Fostering self-worth and self-love so you are empowered to live a life you are truly inspired by.
  • Reclaiming parts of yourself that have been disowned and repressed since childhood
  • Clearing blockages around your relationship with money
  • Living your authentic truth
  • Integrating your shadow so you can generate greater wholeness and access more of your life-force
  • Overcoming the Crowd

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