The Occult Conspiracy to Rule the World With David Whitehead

Episode 73 · December 1st, 2023 · 1 hr 5 mins

About this Episode

David Whitehead joins Brendan to discuss the hidden networks of globalist power that seek to retain control over the masses from behind the scenes (mostly). Who are the would-be powers ruling the world? What circles do they move in? What are the nexus points between these shadowy networks and visible geopolitical activity and known figureheads? David talks about the esoteric knowledge base held and protected by these "elites" for many years now. This episode touches on the divine right to rule, Black Nobility, royal connections to the occult, child trafficking, Vatican involvement, freemasonry, occult symbolism (like the all-seeing eye), divide and conquer tactics, how old traditions became corrupted over time, the private religions and practices of public figures, John of God, and much more.