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Join Freedom Hacker, Truth Addict, and acclaimed author of 'The Grand Illusion' books as he cuts through the B.S. to get to the truth - whatever it may be.

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  • Episode 30: Astonishing Near-Death Experiences: Previews of the Afterlife - Part 3 of Afterlife Series

    April 3rd, 2021  |  Season 2  |  39 mins 39 secs
    afterlife, brendan murphy, consciousness, grand illusion, metaphysics, religion

    Survival? Annihilation? Humans have wondered for millennia what happens to the conscious part of us when the physical body dies. Our materialistic "scientific" paradigm has failed us in this regard, and orthodox religious structures have lost much of their explanatory power in our technological age. Fortunately in the information age we have access to astonishing spiritual experiences from all around the world - near-death experiences that speak powerfully to the survival of consciousness. Some of them are so powerful they have to be avoided by minds not ready to grapple with them. Following on from looking at the out-of-body phenomenon, Episode 30 leads us deeper down the post-mortem rabbit hole and into some very reassuring - if eye-opening - territory. The afterlife may be much closer than we think.

  • Episode 29: Adventures in the Astral: Insight into the Out-of-Body Experience - Part 2 of the Afterlife Series

    March 27th, 2021  |  Season 2  |  34 mins 34 secs
    consciousness, metaphysics, religion, spirituality

    Is there a "spiritual body" as well as a physical body, as Paul wrote in his letter to the Corinthians? People in the pre-Christian world seemed to think so - the doctrine is ancient. What about the modern world? Can you travel astrally and project a "spiritual body" away from your physical, and if you did, might someone else be able to see it? What does the modern evidence tell us about astral projection, aka out-of-body experiences? Seeking answers to this question has yielded some truly astonishing material, as you're about to find out. Get ready for a fascinating ride in what occultists call the astral plane, a virtual world simulacrum of our familiar earth environment, known not only to occultists but also government-paid spies called "remote viewers" (aka the Psi Spies). Applying the standards of logic and evidence to "religious matters" can be a most enlightening experience!


    March 20th, 2021  |  Season 2  |  30 mins
    astral projection, obe, out of body

    Does your consciousness survive the death of the body? Can the deceased communicate with us? These are two age-old questions that still rightly concern us. In this episode we dive into some of the extraordinary evidence for post-mortem survival, both in the form of spontaneous after-death communication (ADC) and induced after-death communication (IADC). We look at some ancient historical instances of ADC and contemporary cases as well, sourced from everyday people, many of whom were astonished and awestruck by the events, their lives forever changed. In a therapeutic setting, induced ADC has proved to be a particularly powerful healing modality which appears to facilitate intentional communication with "dead people", thereby allowing the resolution of powerful psychological wounds that otherwise appeared untreatable.

  • Episode 27: Is Science Broken? The Failure of Peer Review (Especially in Medicine)

    March 6th, 2021  |  Season 2  |  30 mins 49 secs
    big pharma, conspiracy, health, medicine, science

    There is an awareness emerging that something has gone drastically wrong in the hallowed halls of the Temple of Science. What was once thought to be the noble pursuit of truth now turns out far too often to be the distortion of reality for financial gain. One of the culprits is the catastrophic failure of quality controls to vet and weed out junk science - particularly the toothless "peer review" process. Editors of the Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine are among the foremost voices criticising the toxic coopting of medical science by the pharmaceutical industry, and the devolution of journals into information laundering stages for Big Pharma. But this is merely the tip of a wretched iceberg indeed...

  • Episode 26: Gnostic Myth in Stranger Things: Symbolism of the Mind Flayer and Eleven

    February 26th, 2021  |  Season 2  |  18 mins 16 secs
    brendan d murphy, gnostic, gnosticism, metaphysics, mythology, podcast, religion, spirituality

    Netflix show Stranger Things has proved enormously resonant with viewers worldwide, but why so much so? Beloved characters like Eleven, Mike and Will (the “Wizard”) stand defiantly between an encroaching darkness dubbed the Mind Flayer and human civilisation as we know it. The malevolent dark being seeks global domination and destruction—total conquest and annihilation of humanity, but innocent little Eleven and her friends prove to be stubbornly pesky obstacles. What do Eleven and the Mind Flayer represent—is there an ancient Gnostic theme to be uncovered here in 1980s Hawkins’ secret war?