Flying Free on Prison Planet Earth: The Emerging Travel Infrastructure for the Awake

Episode 39 · October 26th, 2021 · 43 mins 13 secs

About this Episode

In this episode of Truthiverse, Brendan welcomes Susan Sweetin, founder of Freedom Travel Alliance.

The right to travel freely without succumbing to medical extortion and sacrificing bodily autonomy is being aggressively challenged by the administrators of the New World Order. As humanity splits in two and chooses radically different paths (evolution and devolution) in the post-scamdemic world, the clamps of totalitarianism grip tighter and tighter on the collective psyche, seeking to extinguish all last remaining shreds of freedom and choice. First it was masks, then vaccine ultimatums just to cross borders or even leave one's own country (see: Australia). The pharmaceutical cartel has effectively taken over most of the world's political, travel, and other infrastructure.

Fortunately, a countercurrent of constructive, creative rebellion grows stronger by the day. Enter Susan Sweetin and her brainchild Freedom Travel Alliance (FTA).

Created in January 2021, FTA is a nascent organisation and movement seeking to create a whole travel industry that services the CONSCIOUS people who are now rendered as second class citizens and excluded from many things that we all once took for granted. First it's private charters for the un-jabbed, but the vision doesn't end with air travel for the medically unmolested—every form of transport that can plausibly be replicated solely for the use of the 21st century's medical pariahs is fair game, according to Susan and her team.

Every uptick in tyranny forces a creative innovation from conscious humans, and FTA is a sterling example. Want a two-tier society? Well, there may just be some nice little benefits. ;-)

Get ready for a whole new take on the "Mile High Club"!