Gnostic Myth in Stranger Things: Symbolism of the Mind Flayer and Eleven

Episode 26 · February 25th, 2021 · 18 mins 16 secs

About this Episode

Episode 26

Stranger Things has proved enormously resonant with viewers worldwide, but why so much so? Beloved characters like Eleven, Mike and Will (the “Wizard”) stand defiantly between an encroaching darkness dubbed the Mind Flayer. The malevolent dark being seeks global domination and destruction—total conquest and annihilation of human civilisation, but innocent little Eleven and her friends prove to be stubbornly pesky obstacles. What do Eleven and the Mind Flayer represent—is there an ancient Gnostic theme to be uncovered here in 1980s Hawkins’ secret war?

A word of warning before you listen

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You’ll learn:

  • Layers of symbolism built into Eleven
  • What (or who) the Mind Flayer represents
  • What archons are
  • Why the Mind Flayer/Shadow Monster goes after the children
  • The significance of Billy’s self-sacrifice in Season 3’s climax
  • The importance of the inner child and innocence in the battle against unconsciousness
  • The Gnostic creation myth and why it’s relevant to Stranger Things

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