A Conscious Life in Zombie Land

Episode 32 · May 7th, 2021 · 1 hr 17 mins

About this Episode

Michael Tsarion is a renowned Irish researcher, writer, and speaker on many esoteric subjects, along with revisionist history, psychology, and more. In this episode of Truthiverse podcast we dove into Michael's interesting personal journey through life as a soldier of truth devoted to awareness-raising, from Belfast to the Bay Area of California. He details his recovery from depression to the resistance and hostility he was met with from the many uncomprehending people he continued to encounter all along the way, as well as the key events that moved his life in the direction of becoming a public figure, and his warm reception by his colleagues in the alternative community.

After twice visiting the United States in the early eighties, Michael ventured out into the field to make a close study of Ireland’s numerous ancient cyclopean ruins and megalithic sites. This research proved invaluable and provided him with clear evidence of a “hidden hand” at work behind academia, religion and the socio-political world.

You'll Learn:

  • Why evil intensifies as the spirit of freedom and rebellion rises up
  • How and why women dropped the ball on female psychology...
  • ...and what relationship this has to socio-political tyranny
  • About forgotten geniuses who shouldn't have been forgotten
  • The obstacles Michael encountered and struggles he overcame to be where he is now
  • What people are generally drawn to when they don't have an interest in psychology
  • What psychologically fuels snowflake cancel culture

...and much, much more.

Michael has a diverse body of knowledge and could talk for many hours on many subjects - I hope you enjoy this first instalment as much as I did (stay tuned for Part 2).

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