What is IT? New Perspective on the Collective Unconscious, God, Angels & Demons with Nick Sambrook

Episode 36 · July 9th, 2021 · 1 hr 45 mins

About this Episode

Following an extended transformational cosmic consciousness and extreme gnosis experience in early 2005 in NZ, along with ongoing experiences manifesting into the physical world (e.g. mass synchronicity), Nick has spent the last fifteen years extensively researching this phenomena both from a scientific and spiritual perspective. He has studied diverse areas from  philosophy, religions, psychology, information systems, cultural discourse, and quantum physics. He has sponsored and worked with various professors and PhD’s and spiritualists (healers, visionaries etc) worldwide who are at the forefront of understanding on both sides of the mirror. Ones who are attempting in practical ways to develop methods for influencing the collective human mind using both scientific and spiritual techniques.

Nick originally did degrees in the UK in cybernetics and computer science and various post grad qualifications some 30 years ago,  then moved onto owning and running several technology companies (with his wife), and managing and providing consultancy for large secure IT programmes and projects worldwide.

His books (which you can download FREE here) are really to try and express (in fictional form, and as a cathartic exercise) what he has been through over this time and share the crazy, imposed fictional ‘hero journey’ he has been subjected to along with those around him since he was aged five. The books are also a way of expressing and demonstrating the concept of mythopoetic embodiment, and also to explain concepts of the collective human mind in the form of analogies to attempt to articulate what is going on within the ‘spiritual’ Pleroma, combining that with physical evidence and real events, rather than blinding everyone with the science - along with giving people ideas on what they can do practically to make a difference together.