Episode 28 · March 20th, 2021 · 30 mins

About this Episode

Does your consciousness survive the death of the body? Can the deceased communicate with us? These are two age-old questions that still rightly concern us. In this episode we dive into some of the extraordinary evidence for post-mortem survival, both in the form of spontaneous after-death communication (ADC) and induced after-death communication (IADC). We look at some ancient historical instances of ADC and contemporary cases as well, sourced from everyday people, many of whom were astonished and awestruck by the events, their lives forever changed. In a therapeutic setting, induced ADC has proved to be a particularly powerful healing modality which appears to facilitate intentional communication with "dead people", thereby allowing the resolution of powerful psychological wounds that otherwise seem untreatable.

You'll learn:

  • How an ancient murder was solved by a post-mortem message from the victim
  • Which profession experiences the most after-death communications
  • How one atheist was shocked into belief in an afterlife
  • The difference between hallucinations and IADCs
  • Which ancient Greek device allows us to reconnect with deceased loved ones
  • The speculative physics of spirit attachment
  • Different methods used by discarnate beings to get our attention
  • About real life cases of spirit communication using phone calls on disconnected phones

...and MUCH more.

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Brendan's Story:
A Truth Addict and Freedom Hacker for the better part of 2 decades now, Brendan D. Murphy has been a stalwart advocate of humanity in the war on consciousness, as he has helped educate, awaken, and inspire thousands of people around the world.

Author of the monumental masterpiece (as dubbed by several readers) "The Grand Illusion" and co-founder of the censorship-free Fedbook alternative - Trooth network - Brendan's life revolves entirely around creating a better, freer, healthier world for all humans. As a result of his special brand of hardcore devotion, Brendan (also a devoted closet musician) has cultivated a rarified level of perspective on the human condition - and the simple things we can do to overcome our major challenges as individuals and as a collective.