Brendan D. Murphy

Host of Truthiverse with Brendan D. Murphy

I’m a strange constellation of attributes, tastes, and talents—impossible to pigeonhole.

I’ve spent about 2 decades and some 15,000+ hours studying the fields of:

For what?

Freedom! So I could figure out how to live freely, powerfully, vitally, and generously – and then help you do the same.

In short, my “business” is your transformation, embodiment, and freedom.

I’m Australian born and currently weave my magic from Mexico (where the conv!d tyranny is a little less intense)!

🤙 Fun fact:
My 2 most dominant archetypes are the Sage first, and secondly, the Outlaw/Rebel. This is why I'm all about truth, insight, and the deeper nature of things - as well as freedom. I see truth and freedom as interrelated, particularly in a world run by pathological liars.

Bonus archetype: One of my dominant archetypes is the “critic,” meaning I really can’t help but offer (scathing) critiques on matters of great importance to the human family.

I just can't stand bullshit artists and egomaniacs.

Sometimes this even means being a voice of dissent and criticism within the “truth community” itself.

WARNING: I’m a committed non-conformist and paradigm-smasher! As much as I'm building the new paradigm for the nature of consciousness and reality, I'm also avidly destroying the falsehoods humanity has been encumbered by over the last 2,000 years. Nothing is sacrosanct to me. 😉

My mission is to show you how to massively increase your freedom, spirituality, health, and prosperity.

I guess that explains why I have invested all those thousands of hours of time into studying, researching, and investigating consciousness, the nature of reality, and many related subjects.

At the tail end of 2012, aged 29, I published the first yield of some 10,000+ hours of research and experience—The Grand Illusion – Book 1: A Synthesis of Science and Spirituality.

Epic though that book is, it’s only the beginning. Knowing is one thing – the next step is to live the truth from our DNA up.

Helping conscious humans like you to create freedom, prosperity, health, and impact is something I take seriously.

Changing the world is an internal process first…

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