The Perception Deception and Life in the Simulation With David Icke

Episode 41 · February 16th, 2022 · 1 hr 48 mins

About this Episode

David Icke, the world's most famous conspiracy factualist and expositor of the Global Cult's nefarious activities, joins Brendan D. Murphy for the first episode of Season 3 of Truthiverse. In this interview he's in fine form and we get him talking on a number of subjects of increasing interest and/or concern to millions of people.

As well as discussing why he believes we exist in a simulation, David’s shares his attitude towards the pursuit of truth and others’ perceptions of him; the truth about the "omicron variant"; what we have to become to end the global manipulation and see beyond the simulation; his thoughts on the original/prime earth and the Gnostic view of our simulation; the link between our earth-reality simulation, archontic control, and AI and what he thinks the AI agenda is; why the Elite only need the PERCEPTION of a v!rus or pandemic and not a real one to re-engineer the world and control the behaviour of most of the population; the way the global ruling cult that controls politics and finance operates and thinks - and the obliviousness and idiocy of most involved the system who are simply mind-controlled twerps; about the way humans were altered (limited) many millennia ago and by whom; his views on the God in the Bible's Genesis; the real purpose of the covid-19 hoax and the (fake) vaccines...

...and much, much more.

Strap in and enjoy this chat with one of the most charismatic iconoclasts of the past 100 years.