The Esoteric Side of EMF Pollution & Cov@x Shedding - and How to Protect Yourself

Episode 43 ยท April 1st, 2022 ยท 1 hr 15 mins

About this Episode

๐Ÿšจ There is NEW information and perspective here - and a conversation you won't hear happening anywhere else.

Gerard Bini's first appearance on Truthiverse was wildly popular - and so threatening to the Establishment's quackseen narrative that Youtube banned the video as it neared 10k views. Gerard is a building biologist with acute intuitive senses that have been honed over many years of practice. Having known him since 2014 it's my pleasure to introduce a wider audience to his insights and perspective that fill some crucial holes in the standard EMF-health discussion (and share some solutions).

Gerard is a maverick and the only building biologist I know who works with what some call "subtle energies", not just the ones you can measure with an RF meter, for instance. โšก๏ธ More people are starting to realise that it's not simply electronic devices that pose a potential risk to our health, it's also geopathic fields, toxic human emotion emanated from the biofield, "death imprints," and of course, anyone who was mad enough to receive the covid jab and become a transhuman emitter of toxic (positively charged) electromagnetic frequencies.

In this episode we explain WHY these things can be problematic for our health and, of course, what to do about it. ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿผ