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Join Freedom Hacker, Truth Addict, and acclaimed author of 'The Grand Illusion' books as he cuts through the B.S. to get to the truth - whatever it may be.

Brendan and his guests uncover the mysteries of spirituality, geopolitics, health, medicine, freedom, personal development, exopolitics, the paranormal, and more.

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  • Episode 46: The Truth About Ukraine and Russia with Joachim Hagopian

    May 22nd, 2022  |  Season 3  |  1 hr 54 mins
    conspiracy, news, politics, war

    Former Army officer and West Point graduate Joachim Hagopian joins me for a detailed, sweeping, and frequently eye-opening discussion of what's REALLY going on in Ukraine, and why Russia supposedly "invaded." The media portrays it as an arbitrary invasion motivated by greed and bloodlust, but what if nothing could be further from the truth? What if the Western Powers are actually covertly using Ukraine to fight a proxy war for them? Are we on the brink of a WW3 - or has it already started? What does the Biden Crime Family have to do with Ukraine? Why did every Big Tech platform switch from "covid mode" into "I stand with Ukraine mode" in unison overnight? Is Ukraine a major nexus of child, drug, and weapons trafficking? Is Vladimir Putin trying to eradicate the last remaining Nazi strongholds in Ukraine - while also fending off the "Illuminati" Elite's attack on Russia? There is clearly MUCH more going on in Ukraine than the controlled media is letting on. Hagopian blows the lid off the whole charade.

  • Episode 45: Beyond Diet Dogma - Reclaiming Your Life Through Optimal Nutrition with Asa Santiago

    May 13th, 2022  |  Season 3  |  1 hr 42 mins
    diet, lifestyle, medicine, natural health, nutrition

    Asa Santiago ( has been reading and studying optimal diet and nutrition VORACIOUSLY for around decade, and using his extensive research to help his clients radically improve their health and lives. In 2021 he set the goal to read 500 studies over the year, but exceeded that number just half way into it. You think he takes his work seriously?
    I took this opportunity to ask him a range of questions and let him rap about all things diet and nutrition. It was quite a ride.

    We covered everything from healing yeast infections and anxiety with diet; ketosis; a different angle on grounding; dealing with parasites and gut microbes; things that undermine the endocrine system; the benefits of dry fasting; which diets do what to the body; gluten, lectins, nightshades, antinutrients and allergies; eating to support hormonal health; causes of leaky gut and what to do about it; problems with carbohydrates; how the adaptive immune system operates in relation to food; histamine sensitivity and mould... and MUCH more. Enjoy the show - and do keep a pen and paper handy to take notes! ;)

  • Episode 44: Beyond the Snake Venom Controversy: Covid Facts and Fables with Dawn Lester

    April 27th, 2022  |  Season 3  |  1 hr 13 mins
    conspiracy, medicine, natural health

    In this episode of Truthiverse I jumped into the snake venom controversy (initiated by Dr Bryan Ardis) with Dawn Lester, co-author of What Really Makes You Ill? Dawn and I ask: Is Remdesevir made of snake venom? Does it contain it? Would it matter if snake venom been dumped in the public water supply? Does any of this have anything to do with symptoms grouped under the “covid” banner? Is Ardis on the right track or not? Is the whole thing a distraction?

    This turned into a sweeping conversation that went far beyond the snake venom conjecture. We also discussed the depopulation lobby’s attack on the people of Africa, the WHO’s interest in spruiking antivenom in Africa, the bogus HIV theory of Robert Gallo and his lack of evidence (Luc Montagnier too), AZT, common childhood “diseases,” the fallacy of infectious viruses, living conditions in the role of disease, the broken peer review system in medicine, snake symbolism, the covid illusion, and more.

    In researching for their monumental book over 10 years, wherever Dawn and her co-author David Parker looked for evidence to support Germ Theory and Establishment fear-mongering around "pandemics", they found only the opposite: nothing was as we have been led to believe. Perhaps more than anyone else, it is doctors and medical personnel in general who need to hear conversations like this so we can provide appropriate health interventions based on a more accurate understanding of what causes symptoms in the first place...because it clearly isn’t “viruses.”

  • Episode 43: The Esoteric Side of EMF Pollution & Cov@x Shedding - and How to Protect Yourself

    April 1st, 2022  |  Season 3  |  1 hr 15 mins
    conspiracy, esoteric, medicine, spirituality

    🚨 There is NEW information and perspective here - and a conversation you won't hear happening anywhere else.

    Gerard Bini's first appearance on Truthiverse was wildly popular - and so threatening to the Establishment's quackseen narrative that Youtube banned the video as it neared 10k views. Gerard is a building biologist with acute intuitive senses that have been honed over many years of practice. Having known him since 2014 it's my pleasure to introduce a wider audience to his insights and perspective that fill some crucial holes in the standard EMF-health discussion (and share some solutions).

    Gerard is a maverick and the only building biologist I know who works with what some call "subtle energies", not just the ones you can measure with an RF meter, for instance. ⚡️ More people are starting to realise that it's not simply electronic devices that pose a potential risk to our health, it's also geopathic fields, toxic human emotion emanated from the biofield, "death imprints," and of course, anyone who was mad enough to receive the covid jab and become a transhuman emitter of toxic (positively charged) electromagnetic frequencies.

    In this episode we explain WHY these things can be problematic for our health and, of course, what to do about it. 👊🏼

  • Episode 42: Transitioning to Alternative Currency as Dollar Collapse Looms

    March 18th, 2022  |  Season 3  |  1 hr 9 mins
    banking, conspiracy, finance, monetary reform, money

    Monetary reform advocate and multipotentiate Francis Ayley joins host Brendan Murphy on Truthiverse to discuss the urgent need for monetary reform on a planet sinking under the manufactured debt crisis of the transnational corporations who control the banking system. If you're not already aware, Francis explains in simple terms why today's usurious banking system is so toxic for all of us, and the effects it has on society. What do we do? Francis has a unique model for implementing a grassroots transformation of society: Fourth Corner Exchange has been tested in the real world with tremendous success, helping people extricate themselves from total dependency on ever-inflating fiat currency owned by the New World Order/Banksters, while, at the same time, forging stronger communities and interpersonal relationships. In a world of broken and betrayed trust, this model helps repair the damage done by a psychopathic and predatory usurious banking system which has forced most of humanity to exist in a servile state of survival, competing against each other to survive, instead of collaborating to thrive. This model puts the power of choice and freedom back where it belongs: in the hands of everyday people (not bankers). Listen in to hear how you can start using Fourth Corner Exchange right NOW to being trading and exchanging your value and time with regular folk like yourself, while depriving the sociopathic bankers of their undeserved power.

  • Episode 41: The Perception Deception and Life in the Simulation With David Icke

    February 16th, 2022  |  Season 3  |  1 hr 48 mins
    conspiracy, health, medicine, politics, spirituality

    David Icke, the world's most famous conspiracy factualist and expositor of the Global Cult's nefarious activities, joins Brendan D. Murphy for the first episode of Season 3 of Truthiverse. In this interview he's in fine form and we get him talking on a number of subjects of increasing interest and/or concern to millions of people. As well as discussing why he believes we exist in a simulation, David’s shares his attitude towards the pursuit of truth and others’ perceptions of him; the truth about the "omicron variant"; what we have to become to end the global manipulation and see beyond the simulation; his thoughts on the original/prime earth and the Gnostic view of our simulation; the link between our earth-reality simulation, archontic control, and AI and what he thinks the AI agenda is; why the Elite only need the PERCEPTION of a v!rus or pandemic and not a real one to re-engineer the world and control the behaviour of most of the population; the way the global ruling cult that controls politics and finance operates and thinks - and the obliviousness and idiocy of most involved the system who are simply mind-controlled twerps; about the way humans were altered (limited) many millennia ago and by whom; his views on the God in the Bible's Genesis; the real purpose of the covid-19 hoax and the (fake) vaccines... and much, much more.
    Strap in and enjoy this chat with one of the most charismatic iconoclasts of the past 100 years.