Insider Exposes Biomedical Industry: Molecular biologist blows whistle on PCR, 'viruses,' cancer and the Left

Episode 52 · October 18th, 2022 · 46 mins 59 secs

About this Episode

Molecular biologist Jerneja Caserta was born in Slovenia and got her Bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology in Italy. In 2002 she received her PhD at the same University studying function of proteins that participate in protein synthesis. However, since 2020 she has had to question much of what was previously taken for granted (and still is by her colleagues). In this informative and entertaining episode Jerneja takes us on her journey and process of awakening, which began primarily when she heard that PCR technology was being misused to diagnose so-called “co(n)vid-19” cases. As it happens, Jerneja has over 25 years of experience working with PCR technology and immediately recognised something was seriously wrong with the Narrative. As she quickly realised, there is no c-19 v!rus, and v!rology is a fraudulent branch of science controlled by Big Ph@rma. She now watches her colleagues for the day they too open their eyes and see the truth. Also discussed: her time as a member of the Left, her dalliance with communism, and her nascent interest in exploring the nature of reality and spirituality free of the fetters of the Roman-Catholic indoctrination of her youth.

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