Alien Abduction, MILABS & Complex Trauma: Exploring the Interdimensional Zoo with Eve Lorgen

Episode 51 · August 24th, 2022 · 1 hr 23 mins

About this Episode

Anomalous trauma researcher, author, and counselor Eve Lorgen joins me for a rollercoaster ride through the interdimensional fun park that is life on (and near) earth. This conversation pulled together so many threads it nearly boggles the mind. Among them, we waded through anomalous trauma, “twin flames”, military abduction (MILAB), alien abduction, parasitic entity attachment, mind control, demonic entities, supersoldiers, the secret space program, Satanic ritual abuse (SRA), and what Eve calls the “love bite” (alien or paranormal orchestrated love relationship issues). As if that isn’t enough, we also had the opportunity to discuss links between shamanism, Castaneda, gnosticism, and the ostensible hierarchy of alien beings involved with humanity. Strap in and prepare for a (strange) ride.