Dragon Mother: Female Pathology, Terrible Mothers & Neofeminism Revealed with Michael Tsarion

Episode 50 · September 1st, 2022 · 1 hr 38 mins

About this Episode

In this episode of Truthiverse podcast renowned Irish researcher Michael Tsarion joined me for a conversation long overdue. He demonstrates how different factors have obscured the pathology of womankind, while constantly distracting society with warped tractates against men. One of the symptoms of this perpetual distraction has been the perennial obfuscation of the crimes of women and—one of the greatest taboos—the psychological violence of Terrible Mothers (not all mothers) against their own children from the moment of conception, an insidious plague deserving of serious attention, as it happens to form the basis of most of society’s pathology. By objectively studying what most people refuse to, Michael’s researches have revealed the enormity of the social and personal damage created by unbalanced women and the institutionalised pathology that enables a socially destructive ideology that ultimately seeks to destroy everything worthy in Western civilisation. Michael provides the remedy to the social poison of this warped thinking in spectacular fashion so men and women can move forward together constructively, working through our collective issues collaboratively without insidious agendas or distorted views of each other.

Find Michael's related supplementary content at: DragonMother.org