Cabal SRA and Mind Control Survivor Speaks Out: They Used Me and Now I'm Outing Them

Episode 53 · November 1st, 2022 · 46 mins 3 secs

About this Episode

SRA (Satanic ritual abuse) survivor and deprogrammer Laura J. Worley joins me for a fascinating, if disturbing lesson on how the "elite" Satanic networks operate. Laura spent many years as a slave to the cult, as a result of her family's long-running involvement in the Satanic network, functioning for some time as a "messenger". She managed to escape and deprogram and heal herself, pulling the fragments of her mind back together, and now helps other victims of this abuse to recover and move on.

Laura was recruited at a young age and utilised by various people, being programmed in part by Dr Joseph Mengele, also encountering many famous participants who have been identified and outed by other survivors, including Henry Kissinger, Hillary Clinton, and Anthony Fauci. As a result of her experience and recovery, Laura learned a lot about how the mind works and how to heal after massive trauma and deprogram core programming. Laura estimates there are millions of people like her in the USA alone who have been utilised by the SRA network, at least 10 million. She also reports that current (illegitimate) President Joe Biden has been involved in the trafficking of over 300,000 children. In addition, she is adamant that the current President is not actually the real Joe Biden, but an actor serving the Cabal's agenda. Laura also outlines the "7 Stages of Hell" being orchestrated in order to finally bring in the full blown New World Order. Convid was just phase 1.

Laura believes that, ultimately, the Cabal will fail in their endgame. Find out why.