Laura Worley

Special guest

Laura Worley is a survivor of SRA and MK Ultra and has written a powerful book, ‘Puzzle Pieces to The Cabal, Mind Control, and Slavery: Putting it all together for Peace, Healing, and Freedom.’

Laura Worley is a Speaker, Trainer, Coach and Author. She has successfully helped thousands of people around the world address issues stemming from complex trauma and ritual abuse. Laura trains both clients and caring professionals in unique and powerful techniques that help survivors transform their lives.

As the creator of The Worldwide Transformational Summit, she has interviewed over 85 of the top global Authors and Motivational Speakers in the field of transforming lives. Laura is now focusing on teaching Professionals how to help survivors of SRA. She also teaches survivors what has been done to them and how to get free.

About the Book

If you have ever wondered what governments, military, kings and queens, Deep State Cabal, secret societies, Satanic cults, Witchcraft and Mind Control have in common, this book explains them all and will put all the puzzle pieces together. You will finally understand what has been going on since the beginning of time, using the Bible as many of the references.

Laura shares her own experiences, as well as a great deal of information you won’t find anywhere else. This book takes a deep dive into the Tree of Life and the Tree of Death, explaining how the devil turns all of God’s teachings upside down and then uses them to run his kingdom. Essentially, this book contains information the secret societies don’t want you to have.

Laura was prompted by the Lord to write a very different book than she originally planned. He said, it is important for people to understand why there are secret societies and what they are involved with at a global level. Secret societies include many groups, but this book addresses four groups specifically: Satanism, Illuminati, Military, and Witchcraft.

This book provides both survivors and professionals with information and hope. People want to understand what is happening in our world and why the Deep State Cabal has taken over almost every area of our lives.

It is possible to get free. There is a part of you they cannot harm, hurt, break or destroy; only cover up. That is the truth that must be hidden from a survivor so they can be controlled. Laura is a survivor who shows others how to survive and thrive.

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