The Return to Health Wisdom and Truth in Medicine With Daniel Roytas

Episode 77 · April 27th, 2024 · 1 hr 32 mins

About this Episode

Leading health educator and author Daniel Roytas joins Brendan to discuss his journey from being a naturopath and nutritionist to quitting his job as a lecturer and swinging a wrecking ball through established health dogma. Daniel elucidates the mistakes made in the mainstream health/disease maintenance paradigm, problems with disease labels, the surprisingly simple things the body needs to support its health. He also reveals the way the historical record shows that indigenous peoples overwhelmingly LACKED disease until colonisers arrived and brought their disconnect from nature and self with them. Daniel asks how doctors can help people with "disease" if they don't understand what causes symptoms, and similarly, how they can help people be "healthy" when they don't really understand what that entails either.
We also discuss Daniel's epic new book CAN YOU CATCH A COLD?
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