Decoded: The physics of consciousness and creation with Dan Winter

Episode 78 · July 5th, 2024 · 1 hr 21 mins

About this Episode

This episode Brendan is joined by the mercurially brilliant Dan Winter. Dan is a pioneer in multiple realms, teaching the physics of consciousness and implosion (among other things). In this episode Dan dances effortlessly across subjects including:
Why objects fall to the ground,
Charge collapse,
Implosion physics,
Aboriginal song lines,
The secrets of Golden Ratio & fractality,
The physics of successful death,
Frequency embedding,
Hydrogen radii and Planck length,
How to have 'soul' in our polluted world,
The physics of why you should talk to trees (seriously),
How the moon affects us during death... and MUCH more.
Strap your thinking cap on tight for this one and do your best to keep up. It'll leave your mind buzzing.