Jerneja Caserta

Special guest

Jerneja was born in Slovenia, a part of former Yugoslavia. She got her Bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology (at the University of Camerino) in Italy and in 2002 she received her PhD at the same University studying function of proteins that participate in protein synthesis.

In February 2005 she moved to Department of Microbiology at the Ohio State University as post-doctoral fellow where she worked on a control mechanism of transcription (RNA synthesis) in bacteria.

In May of 2008 she moved to Cancer Center as a Postdoctoral fellow and started working in a human genetics lab studying genetic predisposition to colon cancer and later thyroid cancer.

In January 2017 she started working at a cancer center in Southern California working on genetic predisposition to breast cancer.

During her career she has published several first author peer reviewed papers and collaborated with many scientists and co-authored research papers.

In February 2018 she completed a Plant Based Nutrition Certificate at T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and eCornell as she started realizing diseases can be prevented (even cancers).

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