Beyond Big Pharma: German New Medicine with William Hughes

Episode 17 · November 4th, 2020 · 58 mins 14 secs

About this Episode

Willam Hughes' Story

In Will's words:

Graduated from the University of Central Queensland, in 1992, with a degree in Applied Science. Further studies included fitness and resistance training in 1997, Neural Linguistics Programming and Hypnosis in 2007, then SCENAR and NES training in 2010. Finally finding my way to German New Medicine late in 2010, I studied initially with John Theobald [B.Sc]. and then Caroline Markolin Ph.D. from 2012-15. Post graduate studies include Epi-Genetics (Melbourne University) 2013 and Medical Neuroscience (Duke University) 2014. Currently, I am exclusively practicing and teaching German New Medicine in Australia.

You'll Learn:

  • How the Prince of Savoy's violent crime inadvertently triggered a health revolution
  • What the current pinnacle of mind-body understanding looks like
  • How internal psychological conflict creates specific dis-ease conditions
  • How to break Big Pharma's stranglehold on global health policy
  • The key to leaving allopathic medicine's Germ Warfare model behind - and greeting the FUTURE of medicine
  • How a totally un-funded mind-body science is revolutionising wellness understanding
  • Why dis-ease symptoms tend to prefer one side of the body over the other (laterality)
  • Some of the surprising ways the mind can cunningly create mysterious physical symptoms

...and much, much more.

I really can't stress enough the importance of people knowing this material - for many different reasons. If you want to take your mind-body understanding to a whole new level then you're in the right place.

Meet the powerful modality that is German New Medicine.

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