The Birth Fraud with Christopher James - Part One

Episode 9 · September 9th, 2020 · 1 hr

About this Episode

During his eclectic and arduous journey throughout his life, Christopher James acquired his knowledge of the System's insidious and far-reaching anti-life machinations, finally landing on Common law and the truth about the unlawful conversion and identity theft happening to all of us virtually from the moment we are born. He joins Brendan D. Murphy on Truthiverse to share what he has learned - and more importantly, what we can DO about it!

You'll Learn:

  • Why government statutes and regulations have nothing to do with us
  • Why government has no more authority over living men and women than does McDonalds
  • What the "unlawful conversion" is
  • How we are "legally killed" the moment we are born
  • The difference between living and dead/fiction
  • Why a legal person is not the same thing as a man or woman
  • Why the words "property", "right", and "who" are so important to your freedom

...and much, much more.

This has to be one of the most fundamental and crucial exposés imaginable - and the time is now.

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  • A Warrior Calls - YouTube — This channel and has been created for YOU and our world to acquire knowledge kept from us for centuries. With over 20 years of investigative research and actions in many fields this knowledge is NOT opinions shown.... these are FACTS of massive fraud committed against EVERY man and woman right from moment we are born.... and its time you learn WHO you are! This ONE truth time has come while our world is being terrorized submersed in deceit and evil all around's time you awake and we gather on mass in the thousands at our local PUBLIC courthouses with this knowledge to correct once and for all and see justice done. No matter what the trespass...occurring in our world the solution is ALWAYS at our PUBLIC COURTHOUSES... but we must access them correctly which requires knowing WHO YOU ARE and what was done to you when born [unlawful conversion]...once these foundational truths are known within your heart mind and Soul... this evil is toast.
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