Christopher James

Special guest

In college at just 17 and graduating at 19 with a degree in recording and sound engineering, Chris worked in the music industry for 5 years professionally before going into construction as a laborer and then a general contractor for 20+ years. He then went into commercial lending and wound up working with all levels of law enforcement due to the fraud he was witnessing. Enforcement agencies came to Chris for assistance on one of the biggest cases in Ontario government history, then leading into his father's devastating pension case which rocked his family.

During this eclectic and arduous journey, Chris acquired his knowledge of the System's insidious and far-reaching anti-life machinations, finally landing on Common law and the truth about the unlawful conversion and identity theft happening to all of us virtually from the moment we are born. As part of his remedy, Chris created A Warrior Calls and collaborates on Earth United with Jesse Cassanova to bring all freedom fighters together to enact a lawful remedy to the global fraud.

Christopher James has been a guest on 2 episodes.