David Whitehead

Special guest

I am a full time podcaster, martial artist, coach, entrepreneur, and public speaker with a lifetime of study and interest in esoteric information, philosophy, comparative religion and mythology, ancient and modern mysteries, the paranormal, and current geo-political events. I am an avid adventurer and independent researcher with my own personal quest to seek answers to many challenging questions of our time. The basis of my work is founded on a sincere pursuit of truth wherever it may lead, with an emphasis on facing and conquering fear and self-imposed limitation, which often get in the way of our physical, mental and spiritual development.

My philosophy

When you study and practice martial art philosophy in its truest sense, you will discover it is a process of refinement and growth, and that it will eventually lead to solution-oriented thinking which is desperately needed today. It will turn you from being a victim into a victor in life. It takes a great deal of inner strength to go against the grain, to challenge the status quo, to stand when no one else will stand, to protect one's inherent natural rights and freedoms, and to protect others as well. It will help you become courageous, and develop a code of honour and truth that you can live by.

Main site: https://www.dwtruthwarrior.com
Free Docu-series: https://www.cultofthemedics.com
Unslaved: https://unslaved.com

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