Strange Bedfellows: Ahriman and COVID-19

Episode 7 · August 26th, 2020 · 58 mins 16 secs

About this Episode

Episode 7 of Truthiverse is an eclectic journey through our strange times. It exposes the foundational fraud of the modern age and explains the difference between a “person” and a man or woman. The legal-lawful dichotomy is revealed.

Also featured: A deeper excavation of the meaning and significance of masks—something to get you thinking and viewing the “convid-1984” phenomenon from a higher level.

Brendan also takes a Steinerian look at the plandemic and discusses Steiner’s view of the times he foresaw and which we are now living in. Steiner anticipated the literal physical incarnation of an entity/energy called Ahriman—a notion that, whether you take it literally or figuratively, could not be more timely or relevant, as various governments around the world go into fascistic hyperdrive and stomp on the most basic human rights and freedoms that remain.

The totalitarian trend is why you need to know who you really are, in the realm of law—because that's where your power lies against corrupt governments. (Are you listening, Australia, New Zealand, UK, and America?)

You'll Learn:

  • The meaning of masks and the obscure etymology of “mask”
  • What a “person” is and why it’s different from a living man or woman
  • The interesting linguistic history of the term “person” and how it connects to the meaning of “mask”
  • What covid masks symbolise and say about us
  • What German prophet and multipotentiate Rudolf Steiner had to say about the early part of the 3rd millennium—and why it matters
  • Who or what Ahriman is—and his connection to current fascistic trends and national lockdowns
  • What modern scientific superstitions have to do with Ahriman
  • Possible links between the Gnostics’ demiurge and Ahriman
  • Why we need now more than ever to wake up and start questioning
  • The coming wave of Google censorship
  • Which food recently “tested positive” for “covid-19” and why it doesn’t matter

...and much, much more.

This has to be one of the [why should they watch this?].

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