Inside the Elon Musk Agenda With Demi Pietchell

Episode 59 · April 22nd, 2023 · 46 mins 15 secs

About this Episode

Author and researcher Demi Pietchell joins me to unpack the vortex of intrigue that is the world and mind of Elon Musk - including recent dramas involving Twitter and Substack. In her view, 'Musk is not trying to “free the public square.” He's potentially attempting to control it because there are other goals he has that would require him to have control over it in order to best proceed. Balancing this with “public opinion” is secondary.
Capturing messenging properties is a mere fraction of the end goal, but it's the one that gets the most press because it's the one which overtly affects the most people in the present...He literally bought the public square and took it private. He can do whatever he wants with it. But it's really just a $44B tiny piece of the puzzle. What happens when we look at these plans in tandem? I’ll give you a hint: I suggest that you look at the many companies Elon Musk owns and see them not as separate startups and acquisions but as the interlocking pieces of one interconnected, overarching goal. My Master’s degree was in interactive telecommunications, so when I see the properties he has amassed, my mind sees an obvious trail of connected dots among them which creates a slippery slope that I couldn’t possibly ignore while standing in my integrity. For instance, if you’re seeing this clearly, you might have some understandable reservations about a future which may include a social credit based Twitter platform integration connected to Starlink constellations via Neuralink, which could hypothetically control your nervous system to render you immobile or trigger your self-driving car not to start or to drive itself over a cliff if your social credit score drops too low. This is one of many potential dystopian nightmare scenarios which honestly might be more dangerous than Facebook/Meta/F8, Instagram, Tiktok, and Google Lambda combined.'
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