Gerard Bini

Special guest

I am an intuitive Building Biologist with over 20 years’ experience in Building Biology and I am also the manufacturer of EMF harmonizing tools/products.
I was originally trained in dowsing by members of the Victorian Dowsing Society back in 1998, which is a traditional method of using specialized tools for detecting radiation fields from earth radiation, and electrical and radio frequency generating appliances.

I started to manufacture my own harmonizers for my consultancy work in 2000 out of pure necessity, as there were no efficient EMF harmonizers available in Australia. I created my Orgonium® process to produce EMF harmonizers using my developed intuitive skills.

Over the last 20 years, l researched, mainly through my own consultancy work, many different types of radiation fields which no EMF meter would or could measure. This is because EMF meters are only calibrated to measure RF and microwave and electrical radiation, however, with very poor accuracy.

The types of fields l researched and documented were human-generated Bioplasmic fields, and different types of Earth Radiation magnetic grid lines and Geoelectric fields.

In the end, what I personally discovered, was that l had found the missing information required to completely harmonize any property with no remaining fields of harmful positive charge.

We now consult to a world-wide audience and our products are sold to over 20 countries.

We are well regarded by accredited health practitioners who know how to test an EMF harmonizer against the human meridian system, as being the best and most efficient radiation harmonizers available.

Founder & Managing Director
Intuitive Building Biologist
Orgone Effects Australia Pty. Ltd.

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