Susan Sweetin

Special guest

Among her many pursuits, Susan Sweetin is a serial entrepreneur, event architect, founder of the nonprofit as well as a passionate mother, wife, and friend. She, like the businesses she has helped to build, is part innovation and part rebellion. After working inside the c-suite of companies that held over 1 billion in assets under management having over 20 years inside of the fast past, hard-hitting industries of private equity and fashion, Susan now has undertaken the task of rebuilding the broken travel industry by launching Freedom Travel Alliance.

This entrepreneurial startup was fueled by the love of a mother, it was Sweetin's desire that her son be able to travel, see the world, that he never be locked out, segregated, or discriminated against that led to this business opportunity which exposed a need in the market that was not being served. She spearheads the charge into uncharted territory, building as she goes. Amidst all the chaos Susan connected to many inside the travel industry who highlighted to FTA the many problems dating back decades need addressing. Bringing the joy back into travel, honoring the rights of travelers to move unhindered and without discrimination. Freedom Travel Alliance was created to serve needs that were overlooked, ignored, and now dismissed.

Susan’s several ventures include confounding, a non-profit Urban Global Health Alliance that partners with communities to empower and engage on the issues of Health & Wellness and her other company is Sweetin Sisters, an event consulting firm.

Sweetin is a no-holds-barred leader who is singularly focused on creating rather than reacting. Additionally, Susan is fervently immersed in empowerment, building connections, and bringing solutions, her personal credo is; you are either part of the problem or part of the solution.

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