Covid, Medical Freedom, and Energy Medicine with Dr. Patrick Quanten

Episode 21 · December 2nd, 2020 · 1 hr 3 mins

About this Episode

Dr Patrick Quanten's Story

In Patrick's own words:

I originate from Belgium and practiced medicine on a small British island in the channel between the UK and France, called Alderney. A small place where you couldn't hide the truth for very long and where I got confronted with some medical truths, like it isn't working.

Looking for ways to help people along I ended up studying most 'alternative' practices and soon find out they had many of the same shortcomings. Finally I realized that life cannot be explained by physical interactions and then I started seeing that medicine was not incorporating scientific knowledge such as everything is energy.

From then on I spend my days showing people how health and disease works as energetic interactions and, most importantly, that the individual can determine not to get ill and to heal himself. Your health is in your hands and there are always things you can do to improve your

You'll Learn:

  • Why Patrick sees medical collectivism and groupthink as dangerous and toxic
  • What Patrick learnt from being with the local community that he didn't learn at med school
  • Why self-understanding and your psyche is so key to personal health
  • Why Patrick believes "infectious viruses" don't matter (even if you believe they exist)
  • Fascinating insight into mosquito bites and personal health
  • Why Patrick's patients didn't get better when given the "right" mainstream medical treatment
  • Why your own personal psychological response to life and the environment is key to health
  • How and why childhood conditions like measles and chicken pox SERVE us
  • How these conditions REALLY spread and why they are nothing to fear
  • ...and why vaccinating against these harmless conditions is SO destructive
  • Why embracing individualism is so important right now
  • The crucial importance of the power of suggestion - and our beliefs

...and MUCH, much more.

I'm very grateful to have had the opportunity to talk with Patrick at length. This conversation just got better and better as it went!

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