Troy McLachlan

Special guest

Born in South Africa in 1966, raised in New Zealand from the age of seven. Received a BA degree for studies in Egyptology, Medieval history and Asian/American politics. Worked in the New Zealand television and music industry before moving to Hong Kong in 1993. Worked various media-related jobs, bar work, and travelled extensively in China and South East Asia for the next fifteen years. Currently living in Cambridgeshire, England.

Author and co-author of three books dealing with aspects of the Electric Universe model and its subset Saturn Theory; The Saturn Death Cult, The Purple Dawn of Creation, and Cosmos in Collision with Ted Holden.


Supporter of All Black rugby, New Zealand cricket, and Arsenal football club; but boxing was first love.

Interested most in Biblical studies; modern art, Renaissance and ancient art; old Hollywood; science fiction of Gene Wolfe, and history in general.

Speaks only one language (English), but can read Egyptian hieroglyphics to a small extent.

Committed, but unaffiliated Protestant Christian (if that’s important to know).


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