Nina Angelo

Special guest

Nina Angelo was born in Athens, Greece in March 1947. Both her parents were holocaust survivors having met in Auschwitz concentration camp. Her mother a young Polish girl and her father a Greek Spanish French Jewish man.
She arrived on earth with stars in her eyes and a forever joy and optimism. She was their first new life, after the losses of both her parent’s families who were murdered by the Nazi’s in the camps.
In 2009 Nina was awarded an Order of Australia for service to the Arts and the Central Coast Community.

Nina is a connector, a conduit, a fabric artist and storyteller, she believes that we are all creative beings. Nina is also a marriage celebrant who works with ceremony and ritual to honour our stories and our rites of passage.
Nina has worked closely with the Aboriginal people of this land for almost 40 years working in rural, regional and remote locations, as well as the indigenous people from the Pacific islands of Fiji , Tuvalu and in the Greek Islands.
Nina has written and published her memoirs Don’t Cry, Dance, which includes her parent’s authentic stories of their lives from childhood, to their survival through the Holocaust , migration to Australia with Nina as a two year old and their life here,

Nina was raised in a loving family that spoke and communicated in 13 languages. She believes we are all one, connected by our hearts and LOVE and that this is a most important time for us all to be walking and working together in the spirit of truth and peace.

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