Asa Santiago

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Asa's Root Health Problems
Asa had a pretty rough start, and not unlike many others. He came out of the womb with endocrine damage, gut dysbiosis, and autoimmunity as a whole via prenatal chemical agents, heavy metal toxicity, and endogenous (from within) infections that afflicted the mother; that’s right, what the mother is affected by has shown empirically to transfer to the child more times than we’d like to see. Post natal damages ensued with injections, antibiotics, poor diet, and a general lack of exercise.

He was also molested by his female babysitter when he was 3.

It wasn't always so dark though...
Asa had an amazingly supportive mother who he sees as the most wise, kind, and intelligent human being on the planet. He lived in a relatively affluent setting because his mother was a very successful saleswoman. While she had done what she could, Asa like many other kids was consumed by darkness one way or another.

Hormones and Trauma
Chronic anxiety and clinical depression really started to set in when Asa came of hormonal age in middle school. He quickly realized that he was different from the other boys in the way that he attracted to females, eventually becoming a laughing stock and running home to his mother where he was then placed in homeschool until adulthood.

From the ages 12-18, Asa had widely vegetated and utilized video games as his escape from what plagued him. All the while exploring his identity that differed from the crowd. Some of the readers may have guessed it, but it’s common for the trauma itself to reflect in someone’s sexual identity. Asa was an example of this and had often found himself pushing towards the light and trying to find a normal relationship where he would always fail miserably because he would psychologically try to get them to harm him; he desired abuse similar to his past experience.

Asa had some wins though here and there. To him at the time, having led competitive video game teams to success was an achievement worth staving off his self-hate. Soon after this he got his first job at Starbucks when he was 18 years old. Asa found out that while he was good at video games, his first job challenged him more than he had ever imagined. His six month review came up and his scores weren’t so great; he would normally have been fired. His manager decided to keep him on and he went on to success in Starbucks and achieved numerous awards and titles often not achieved by the majority.

During this time at Starbucks he had been battling a persistent and insidious desire to kill himself; he had not shared this with anyone at the time. He had instinctually created a psychological mechanism to stave this off by proclaiming that he would be the President of the United States, and that he would abstain from sex until he found someone that he truly loved. He kept this up for 4 years until he found a woman in Lake Tahoe whom he fell in love with. She did not feel the same way, and so this translated into heart break, hair loss, and no understanding of ‘why.’ This was a huge transitioning point for Asa.

In his naivete at the age of 22, he thought that, perhaps, she didn’t like him because of his skin issues. While this may seem like it would have translated into a bad thing, Asa took the skin issue idea and obsessed over it. He became incredibly obsessive with the subject and nailed the cause down to a yeast known as candida.

This evolved into Asa researching endlessly the topic of microbiology as it pertains to epidemiology and how nutrition and toxicology sciences intersect to create multifactorial issues in the human body. He has ensured to read at least a study a day since that time, and as mentioned before, his 2021 challenge is 500 studies where he has halfway through the year exceeded that number.

San Francisco
Flash forward to the age of 24, Asa had been butchering his little fungus friend with various antifungal protocols, cleanses, and diet changes along with exercise and lifestyle changes. His clinical depression, chronic anxiety, prediabetes, skin issues like psoriasis, eczema, ‘chicken scratch’, and bi-monthly bouts of getting sick all alleviated within two weeks. Asa for the first time in his life felt awake, or better yet, alive. He didn’t know what to do with his life, and jumped on the offer made by a family friend to rent a room just outside of San Francisco.

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