Ana Maria Oliva

Special guest

Dr Ana María Oliva is an Industrial Engineer and Dr. in Biomedicine, with a Masters in Biomedical Engineering (Extraordinary Award). She did her doctoral thesis (Cum Laude) on the study of the effects of electric fields on cells.

She has been an associate professor at the Department of Electronics at the University of Barcelona and has spent roughly a decade in the field of nanotechnology. She is currently an associate professor at the Bioenergetic Health Unit (BIU).

She is the creator of the SABIO(R) method, implemented through the Bioenergetic Health Areas, in which she and her colleagues help people to optimize their health, through the use of non-invasive, respectful and compatible techniques with any approach or therapy the person is using. Training in this specialty has also been designed by her, after many years of research and therapeutic practice.

She has assisted many people in their health recovery process, including very influential people at the international and national level. She leads the Bioenergetic Health Unit at SHA Wellness Clinic and is a consultant in projects to create units for the optimization of health.

She is a researcher, disseminator and international speaker and trainer in different technologies and in bioenergetic medicine.

She has written several books including "What your light says", as well as the official Bio-Well / GDV training guides

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